Synthetic Gemstones

Know About Synthetic Gemstones

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Synthetic Gemstones

Contrary to popular belief, the term "synthetic" does not imply falseness when referring to gemstones. Its origins lie in the Greek word meaning "to put together." Synthetic crystals are created through a process of chemical arrangement, mimicking the natural growth of crystals without human intervention.

A synthetic gemstone is a man-made material that possesses virtually identical chemical composition, crystal structure, and optical and physical properties as its natural counterpart.

Here are two fundamental facts about synthetic gems:

  1. While they are developed by replicating conditions found in the Earth, synthetic gems are created in laboratories rather than occurring naturally.

  2. Their physical, optical, and chemical characteristics are indistinguishable from those of their natural counterparts.

Gaining knowledge about the prevalent varieties of synthetic gemstones can aid in comprehending the variations in their pricing and quality. It is crucial to bear in mind that the majority of individuals are unable to differentiate between synthetics and naturally-mined gemstones. Therefore, when contemplating the purchase of any valuable gemstone, it is prudent to seek a reliable third-party gems report, such as one provided by JBN, to ensure transparency regarding your purchase.

Stay tuned for an upcoming four-part series that delves into the creation process of synthetic gemstones, their relative value, and the appropriate practices for their sale in the marketplace.


The information presented on this page is intended to educate our customers about synthetic star rubies. Here at The Star Ruby Shop, we are committed to promoting only natural and untreated gemstones. As a result, we do not offer heated, lead-filled, recrystallized, flux-filled, diffused, beryllium treated, or synthetic gemstones for sale. Regardless of your personal preference, we strongly encourage obtaining a certificate from a reputable gemological laboratory to verify the natural origin of any gemstone you purchase and ensure that no treatments have been applied to it.

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