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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been a prolific source of some of the world's most exquisite rubies. The country boasts a variety of locations where these precious gemstones have been discovered, each with its own unique characteristics. Among these notable areas are Sagyin, situated near Mandalay, Thabeitkyin, Naniazeik in close proximity to Myitkyina, Mogok, and the more recent discovery in Möng Hsu, located in central Shan state. The richness and diversity of these Burmese ruby deposits have contributed to their unparalleled beauty and allure.

About Burmese Rubies

Mogok: The Birthplace of Rubies

For over eight centuries, the Mogok Stone Tract has maintained its position as the foremost global hub for exceptional rubies. Situated in northern Burma, approximately 400 miles north of Rangoon, this renowned region has consistently produced Burma's most extraordinary rubies. The rubies sourced from the Mogok Burma deposit possess an unparalleled intensity of color that remains unmatched in the realm of exquisite rubies. The legacy of Mogok as the ultimate destination for the finest rubies endures, solidifying its reputation as a treasure trove of unrivaled beauty.

Colors of the Burmese Ruby

Renowned for its extraordinary hues, Burmese rubies have gained fame for their exceptional coloring. Among the most sought-after and celebrated shades is the deep blood-red hue with a subtle bluish undertone, widely recognized as the esteemed "Pigeon Blood Red" color. The rarity of natural and untreated rubies exhibiting such a profound and captivating shade is remarkable, often commanding a substantial price. The pinnacle of this illustrious "pigeon's blood" ruby color can be found in the prestigious Mogok region, where the finest specimens are unearthed, adding to the allure and desirability of these precious gemstones.

Burmese Ruby Treatments

The majority of Burmese rubies available in today's market have undergone heating processes to enhance their clarity and color. Obtaining original, untreated Burmese rubies can be quite challenging, resulting in a higher premium compared to heated rubies. It is also common for Burmese rubies to undergo treatments like glass-filling, lead-filling, and flux-filling to improve their transparency. To ensure that the ruby you choose is free from treatments and has not been subjected to thermal enhancement or any other alterations, it is crucial to verify its authenticity with a reputable gem-testing laboratory certificate. This certificate serves as a guarantee of the ruby's natural state and purity, providing you with confidence in your selection.

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